Travelling on your own

For the first time, I translated my blog post ! I know that most of you guys don’t speak a word of French, so I tried to bring back my memories from high school to enable you to understand me. At least one time ! Do not hesitate to correct my mistakes, because there will be a lot ! The translation is below the French version.

♫♪♫ C2C – Kings season ♫♪♫

Donc comme je vous le racontais il y a quelque temps, je suis partie 10 jours en Patagonie mi-septembre.

Comme pour tout voyage, il y a eu des hauts :

-Approcher de trèèès près les baleines. En avoir le souffle coupé.

-Faire un big up à Pingu à Punta Tombo.

-Louer une voiture dès mon arrivée à Puerto Madryn avec un couple de Français rencontré le matin même. Faire le tour de la Péninsule Valdès en une journée. Se dire que la vie est belle.

-Passer 5 jours à Bariloche dans une auberge de folie, entourée de gens muy buena onda (spéciale dédicace à mon blog).


Et des bas :

-Partir faire un tour en BMX que mon coachsurfeur m’a prêté. Ne pas comprendre comment fonctionnent les freins. Tomber une première fois. Comprendre comment fonctionnent les freins. Avoir la bonne idée d’acheter des œufs (je suis une fille qui aime les challenges). Perdre les pédales. Faire chemin retour, le sac flingué, l’air penaud, en marchant à côté du vélo. FAIL

-Rejoindre une excursion pour faire la route des 7 lacs, à Bariloche. Attendre le van par 0° pendant une heure. Ne plus sentir ses doigts. Monter dans le van et s’apercevoir que la moyenne d’âge est de 60 ans. Se dire que la journée sera longue. Passer plus de temps à se goinfrer de chocolat dans des salons de thé plutôt qu’à l’extérieur à admirer le paysage. La journée a été longue.

-Chemin retour vers Buenos Aires, descendre du bus quand le chauffeur vous annonce un arrêt de 10 mn à une station. Faire un tour dans la gare routière. Revenir sur le parking. Ne plus voir de bus. Penser très fort à Kévin dans « Maman j’ai raté l’avion ». Ressembler à ça. Courir dans tous les sens. Entendre dire que le chauffeur est juste parti faire le plein. DOUBLE FAIL.

Voilà pour le petit résumé de ces 10 jours. Tout ce que je vais ajouter, c’est que ce voyage aura été l’un des plus marquants de toute ma vie. Partir seul(e) vous rend plus vulnérable, certes, mais vous permet de vivre les choses plus intensément. Et surtout, de ne rien vous interdire.

Et vous, avez-vous déjà voyagé seul(e) ? Quelle a été votre expérience ?


As I said some time ago, I spent 10 days alone in Patagonia during mid-September.

As for every trip, there were some highs :

-To be veryyyy close to the whales in Puerto Piramides. To be speechless.

-To say hello to Pingu in Punta Tombo.

-To rent a car in Puerto Madryn with a French couple I just met. To go around The Peninsula Valdès in one day. To tell oneself that life is beautiful (sounds cheesy right ?).

-To spend 5 days in Bariloche in an awesome youth hostel, surrounded by really nice and funny people.


And lows :

-To go for a ride with a BMX my coachsurfeur just lent me. Not to understand  how brakes work. To fall off once. To understand how brakes work. To have the wonderful idea to buy some eggs (I am a girl who likes challenges). To lose one’s grips. To go back home, with a damaged bag, shamefaced, walking next to the bike. FAIL

-To join an excursion to do the 7-lakes road, in Bariloche. To wait for the minibus during 1 hour, while it’s freezing. To have numb fingers. To get on the bus, realizing that the average age is about 60. To tell oneself that the day will be long. To spend more time eating chocolate in tearooms rather outside admiring the beautiful landscape (yep, the program was imposed). The day was long.

-On my way back to Buenos Aires, to get off the bus because the driver announced a 10-minutes stop in a station. To go for a walk in the bus station. Going back on the parking. There’s no bus anymore. To think a lot about Kevin in Home Alone. To look like this. To run all over the place. To hear that the driver only went away for a while to fill up with gasoline. DOUBLE FAIL.

This was my very short resume from these 10 days. I will only add that this trip was one of the greatest I’ve ever had. Travelling alone makes you more vulnerable, indeed, but allows you to live things with more intensity. And, above all, not to refrain you from anything.

And you, have you ever travelled on your own ? If yes, how was your experience ?

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17 réflexions sur “Travelling on your own

  1. That was a very nice and interesting post, and love your great english! 😉 And the picture! 🙂 Yes, I have travelled partly alone, and met friends on part of a journey. I was 16 hours in Kuala Lumpur once (between planes), that was interesting. And some times in Europe. It will be more, but as you say it has some up and downs.

    • Thank you so much Ben for your encouragement ! Your experience in Kuala Lumpur seemed fantastic. As we know, there are some up and downs with travelling alone, but I think that the up make you forget the downs. Or at least, makes you reconsider them ! Humorously ! And then, you have some great anecdotes to share on your blog 🙂

  2. Thank you for translating! Your English is wonderful and I love your sense of humor! I traveled alone in Greece once then flew to Kuwait City. My flight to KC was supposed to leave at night but it was cancelled so I had to spend the night in the airport. It wasn’t bad at all, I found many compatriots there.

  3. I like travelling alone for the reasons you’ve pointed out. I travelled extensively in Japan on my own. It made me work things out and communicate. My Japanese improved tremendously. People are more likely to help a traveller on their own than a group of foreign travellers together I’m sure. Really nice post and your English is excellent Karine! 🙂

    • Thanks for your very interesting comment. Indeed, travelling on your own makes things harder at first, because you have to manage everything alone in the unknown, but you learn so much about that ! Especially with foreign languages, as you pointed out. Thanks for my English ! I’m working hard to better it, haha !

  4. It’s wonderful to hear that you had a great trip. I feel traveling alone very boring. But you have given me another perspective of travelling alone.
    And thank you for translating it to English. And I think you are going to do the same now onward.

    • Well, I’m really happy if I contributed to change your mind about travelling alone, at least a bit ! At first, I also thought it was very boring, but in fact, you’re never alone ! You always meet new people, it’s amazing. And yes, as you guessed, from now, on, I’m going to translate all my posts in English !

  5. Cool that you translated your blog post. Because I am one of them who don’t understand French. 😉 It was interesting to read about your trip. I travelled alone before and I like it as same as I like to travel with someone.
    Have a nice day! 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for your nice comment. Indeed, from now on, I will translate all my posts to English ! YAY ! How long was your journey alone ? Because I met a girl during my trip who was travelling for 3 months in all southern America, and I was truly impressed… I think that I reached my boundary travelling 2 weeks on my own 🙂

  6. Top quality English Karine. It’s good to see both languages because it’s like a French lesson – takes me back 30 years!

    Sounds like you had a fantastic trip – whales, penguins… meeting lots of cool people…

      • I learnt French when I was at school, a very long time ago. But I like languages, so I read your post through in French first and then used the English version to translate the bits I was unsure of. I was surprised at how much I could remember – but I also realised how much I’d forgotten too 🙂

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